17. Expansion of Barcelona’s Science Park

Category: Promotion of Strategic Sectors, Bioregion

The R+D+I towers of Barcelona’s Science Park are now fully functional.

Work is continuing on the project, due for completion in 2011, to expand Barcelona’s Science Park (PCB) from its initial 25,000 m2 to 96,000 m2. This was already planned in the initial PCB project in 1997, and will provide additional space to meet the demands of biotech and pharmaceutical companies, research centres and institutes, technological platforms and scientific and innovation support services, as well to accommodate more R+D+I professionals, of whom there will be around 4,500 by 2011.

The expansion entails the creation of new spaces, the adaptation of others and some major urbanisation projects. 2007 saw the inauguration of the 6,500 m2 Helix building, hosting the PCB-Santander Bio-incubator fostering the creation of new technology-based businesses. Apart from that, Helix mainly houses research laboratories of institutes and companies, scientific services and shared facilities. In 2008 an administration building was added to accommodate the headquarters of the PCB’s main research institutes (IRB Barcelona, IBEC, IBMB-CSIC).

In late 2009 the remodelling of the R+I towers was completed, increasing the PCB’s area by almost 10,000 m2. The R tower will be home to the National Genome Analysis Centre, a new facility created with the support of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation and the Government of Catalonia, to ensure Spain’s competitiveness in this field.

Currently another building, the Cluster Building, is also being extended. This will add a further 45,000 m2 of laboratory space as well as creating new facilities including an auditorium and parking facilities.

Identifying details:

- Investment forecast on global PCB construction project: € 111 M
- R+D+I professionals envisaged: 4,500

Project address:



Fernando Albericio, General Manager of Barcelona Science Park..

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