11. Barcelona Economic Triangle

Barcelona, Cerdanyola del Vallès and Viladecans
Category: International projection and talent atraction

The pole of innovation of southern Europe.

The Barcelona Economic Triangle project is a joint initiative between the Catalan Government and Barcelona City Council, open to participation by other public and private bodies, oriented towards promoting three major areas of the Barcelona Metropolitan Region, where right now projects of great quality are being run, which will provide space for new business activities based on the knowledge economy and linked to innovation and technology.

The three areas that form the Barcelona Economic Triangle are the Alba Synchrotron Park (Vallès Area), the 22@Barcelona district (Besòs Area) and DeltaBCN and BZ Barcelona Innovation Zone (Llobregat Area). These three areas offer a potential of over seven million square meters of new offices, scientific research services, housing and public spaces for the coming years, as well as the capacity to generate over 200,000 new jobs in strategic sectors.

In the year 2010, the project has participated prominently in three international property conventions: MIPIM (France), EXPO REAL (Germany) and Meeting Point (Spain), as well as being presented at different events within the context of the World Expo at Shanghai.

During 2011, in addition to repeating participation at the international fairs MIPIM and EXPO REAL, given the good results obtained, it is also planned to participate in other sectorial events to be held in China (Exporeal Shanghai), Russia (sectorial fairs) and Brazil (business congresses), principally. Also contemplated is the organisation of specific sectorial promotion initiatives with groups of private investors in other strategic markets, such as the Netherlands and the United States.

Identifying details:

• Total surface area: 2,413.6 ha
• Floorspace for economic activity: 7,078,730 m2


Mateu Hernández Maluquer, head of Economic Promotion at Barcelona City Council and Josep A. Grau i Reinés, general director of Incasòl.

File updated 19/07/2011
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