49. 22@Barcelona, the innovation district

Category: Key Infrastructures and Facilities

The 22@Barcelona district celebrates its first ten years, with 56,000 workers more than in the year 2000

The 22@Barcelona model, which is already being exported to other areas of the city and is a reference point in the urban, economic and social transformation of cities such as Río de Janeiro and Boston, is that of a compact and diverse city that backs a mixture of uses in a single territory, that favours social cohesion and promotes sustainable urban and economic development.

Up to December 2010, the renovation of 68% of the industrial areas of Poblenou had been completed, representing practically 3,000,000 m² of floorspace. Some 136,837 m² of land have been allocated to facilities, 119,720 m² of land to free spaces and around 3,000 homes with some kind of public subsidy. This urban development activity has facilitated the installation of nearly 4,500 companies since the year 2000, along with the creation of 56,000 new jobs.

Main goals for the year 2011:

  • To develop and transfer the economic model followed in 22@Barcelona to the different strategic economic sectors of the city. Specifically, work will focus on media clusters, ICT, design, bio, agrofood, higher education, multingualism, aerospace and the platform for the electric vehicle LIVE.
  • To strengthen economic, university and research activity through two new spaces:

Cibernàrium Media-TIC, technology training centre for professionals and companies (inauguration February 2011).

Incubator on Carrer Almogàvers, thirty-five incubation space modules for companies (inauguration April 2011).

  • Promoting innovation and the creation of new business opportunities, through programmes such as the 22@Urban Lab, which offers the city as a space for testing pilot projects that enable improvements in municipal services, and the 22@Synergys, which connects the scientific and technological congresses hosted in Barcelona with the city’s business fabric with the aim of generating new business opportunities.


Identifying details:

• Sphere of action: 198.26 ha, 115 street blocks, 1,159,626 m2 of 22@ land
• Floorspace for productive uses: 3,200,000 m2 approx.
• 4,000 subsidised homes (25%, at least, for rental)
• Obtaining of 145,000 m2 of land for new facilities and of 114,000 m2 for new green areas
• Term for execution: 15-20 years
• Investment in the infrastructures plan: €310 M

Project address:



Josep Miquel Piqué, managing director of 22@Barcelona.

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